Why is "Ju welry"? Judy has a great interest in jewelry,

Jewelry and Judy are similar,

Concise and powerful on behalf of Judy and jewelry.

Judy studied the jewelry design in Taipei G.I.A.

In 2015 

Judy went to New York to study jewelry related program.

Handmade Jewelry

Judy has an allergy since childhood,

so she can only wear sterling sliver jewelry.

Also, for the girl who loves beautiful stuff,

the general style of jewelry is limited, so Judy decided to do it herself!

Judy thinks many times and draft before she makes the product,

so her product is always “pure handmade”.

 Through the product you can see the Judy’s journey during her life.

Each product has it owned style and different meaning.

The “Less is more” is always Judy’s motto.

The product that judy design is simple and creative, and it can give girls’ different feeling.